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Top 10 Places To See In Czech Republic

So are you planning a holiday this summer? A holiday which remain with good and memorable memories? A holiday with lots of fun and joy! A holiday to remember for life? Then visit The Czech Republic! Czech republic is a country situated in Central Europe! Mostly European countries are known for the historical buildings and monuments well, Czech Republic is one of these and is known for its beautiful ornate castles, native beers and ancient long history starting from the Celtic and Germanic tribes of its founding and going to the Protestant Reformation and Communism.

The country has its capital named Prague, it is known for the home of a 9th-century castle which is preserved in medieval Old Town and a beautiful statue-lined Charles Bridge. Well this country has lot of seanic beauty which is incomparable with any other country or town. It has its own culture and drama. It has its own show buzz. In this beautiful country there are lot of places to be travelled in! Every place has its own history and story to be known about! Czech Republic is full of history and museums and castles so if you are a history lover you must visit Czech Republic. Well it is not possible to know everything so here is a list of top 10 places which you should never ever miss while you go Czech Republic!

  1. Bohemian paradise

Bohemian Paradise is a well Protected Area in Czech republic. It has a good historical background and has been declared as the first nature reserve of the Czech Republic. It has a big area of almost 182 sq km! This paradise is situated in the northern part of Bohemia and if you see in the map of Prague you will find it in north-eastward from the capital city Prague.

This area of land is very much popular of its beautiful and varied countryside area. If you are a nature liver this place is surely for your interest. It is really very romantic! In this place there are a lot of places which should be seen. People can go for a long walk and can admire and see many natural beauties; they can drive into many castles, museums, and other sights as well! `


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  1. Prague national theatre

The National Theatre is also known as the alma mater of Czech opera! It also has a great history behind its footprints of getting so famous! It is also the national monument of Czech history and art history! If you are a drama lover you must visit such places. The National Theatre belongs to the most important culture with a rich artistic tradition. This theatre was created and maintained by the most distinguished personalities in Czech society. This theatre helped in preserving  and developing the most important features of the nation that is there language, musical and drama and their way of thinking. If you visit this artistic piece of art you will experience the three most beautiful artistic ensembles–opera, ballet and drama– these alternate in their performances in the historic building of the National Theatre.


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  1. Prague castle

Prague Castle known to be the official residence of the President of the Czech Republic. The castle is Located in the Hradčany district of Prague and going back to the ninth century, the castle had a great a seat of power for kings of Bohemia, and presidents of Czechoslovakia. The centre of attraction in this castle that The Bohemian Crown Jewels are kept within a hidden room inside it. Also if we look at the present day you will be surprised to know that The Guinness Book of Records listed Prague Castle as the largest ancient castle in the world

So it is a big building to look at!

Prague Castle and Charles bridge
Prague Castle and Charles bridge

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  1. Old town square

The old town square has a very good location as it is located between Wenceslas Square and the Charles Bridge. The town itself features various architectural styles including the baroque St. Nicholas Church. Among many churches, in the town tourists may find a good attraction of the famous Prague Astronomical Clock on this square, while if you see the tower then the tower at the Old Town Hall offers the tourists a panoramic view of Old Town shop. The square’s center has a big statue of a religious reformer Jan Hus, who is known for his beliefs was and was burned alive.


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  1. Charles bridge  

The Charles Bridge is a very famous centre of attraction in Czech Republic! Bridges are always known for their beauty in the centre of the town. Well the famous historic bridge in Czech republic crosses the Vltava river in Prague, Czech Republic. Its construction was started in 1357! Which is really a big history, and under the auspices of King Charles IV, and the bridge was finished in the beginning of the 15th century.

The truth is that the bridge replaced one of the old Judith Bridge built that had been badly damaged by a flood. The people living there also name this new bridge as Stone Bridge or the Prague Bridge. This was the only means of crossing the river Vltava until 1841, the Charles Bridge has a great importance and of cource was the most important connection between Prague Castle. This made a “solid-land” connection as a good trade route between Eastern and Western Europe.


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  1. Veveri castle

Castles always remind us the fairytales well the vevery castle is one such! The entry In castle is usually entered via Southern Gate. This is the originally Gothic gate. Within the castle there are famous art structures and pieces which are to be observed very carefully!  In the castle there is the so-called Black Kitchen, which is recently restored, here are several types of ovens and a dish-washing basin which have been preserved and protected. Beyond the palace you will also see the proceeds through a courtyard. Beyond the ancient courtyard there also lies the so-called English Wing, which was constructed in the second half of the 17th century!  The castle stands in need of extensive and costly renovation but still it remains to be the most beautiful place!  If you look at the southeastern corner of the castle there stands the Eastern Prismatic Tower, which is known to build in the 14th century to protect the castle area from the eastern enemies.


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  1. Kampa island 

Kampa  is an island in the Vltava river situated in the central Prague on the side of Malá Strana! The island is separated from Malá Strana by a narrow artificial channel called as the Devil’s Stream. The Kampa Island is a beautiful island one should never ever miss in its life! This island also has a good history behind it! The island itself was named in the 17th century as the campus which means field by the Spanish soldiers who tented and stayed here during the Battle of White Mountain.


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  1. State opera

The State Opera , is a a famous opera house in Prague, Czech Republic. Well it is a part of the famous National Theatre of the Czech Republic, which was founded by Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic. But this opera has its own distinct qualities which cannot be missed while travelling in Czech. The house of opera is beautifully crafted and made with outmost art sculptures. If you are planning to see the national theatre do not miss the state opera! It is very beautiful.


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  1. Bethlehem chapel

The Bethlehem Chapel is a medieval religious place! This building has a great faith in the heart of people living in Czech republic! This chapel is notable for its connection with the Czech reformer Jan Hus. This is the reason that this chapel has grown so importance.


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  1. National technical museum

National Technical Museum in Prague is the most interesting place to visit! As if we separate the places where there is no history but there is a lot of interesting and valuable pieces of technology! It is one of the largest institution which has been dedicated for preserving the information and artifacts which are related to the history of technology in the Czech Republic.The museum has large and big exhibits which represents approximately 15% of its total collection.In 2001, the museum also opened a big Railroad Museum! This museum contains about 100 railway vehicles! This is a big and large achievement.


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Hope you likeD our list of 10 wonderful landmarks and places that you can visit in Czech Republic. Please comment below if you know any other places in this country.


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