10 Most Annoying Things Indian Boys Do

When we talk about characteristics of people, we may probably end up explaining that it totally depends and vary from person to person. But when I talk about Indian boys, every single boy carries a compulsory character with their typical and patent dialogues. All boys have the same ideology towards various concepts and they manage it well to convince themselves as the most handsome and smart boy ever existed on this Earth. Indian boys sometimes overreact just to impress girls, but they don’t know we just hate those stupid and silly things. We love our men and boyfriends, but sometimes they just make us crazy buy their stupid and annoying things. Let’s check some of the annoying things that Indian boys do.

  1. Thinking – ‘I am the best and there is no of cooler than me’ this is what Every India boy thinks about himself.jaime-foxx-blank-stare

  2. Show off their phones is another big problem with hunks from India. They think they are only one to carry such a cool phone no matter what the company is, they just want to show off.17-male-text-confusion.w529.h352.2x

  3. Staring Girls is the favourite job of Every Indian boy, they just love starring girls and gossiping about their look. Point is they stare right from head to your toe.842725

  4. They are always ready to fight and believe it or not Indian boys just need a point to start their fight with.giphy

  5. Worst Dancing style can carry, Am I right? Indian boys have a pathetic dance style on streets. They have no perfect things to do, but somehow manage to grab everyone’s attention on streets.282206385_743125c290

  6. They are Obsessed with *beep* words and If you have never observed a boy talking between his friends, next time try to pay attention. They are so obsessed with some censored words, that a single sentence may contain 6-7 censored words.Tupac-Shakur-i-dont-give-a-fuck

  7. They carry the typical ‘I don’t care’ attitude thinking they are the coolest among dudes and smarter even. What do they actually care about?tumblr_m0cd9iOG8j1rqfhi2o1_500

  8. Overreacting while watching sports is among their favourite jobs! While watching cricket, football, khadabdi or any other sport activity, they act as if they know much better than the person actually playing there.tumblr_inline_nf3tumiIMs1r4vj2c

  9. You can watch him online on whatsapp, you know very well he has no else work to do still he would take a forever time to reply to your messages.tumblr_m0e7yns5nt1rqq1iao1_500

  10. Worst with their Driving style and perhaps try to copy tom cruise! They can blow you down the earth with their high speed and the way they drive.



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