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Top Ten Gifting Ideas For Men

We all know that women love to receive gifts in cash and kind. However, the fact is men lobe to get pampered, too and they love getting gifts, too. Below is a list of certain gifts that you can consider for the men in your life.

#1  An executive dairy

A dairy with a smart leather cover lets a guy organize his work schedule well and jot down important details. Though, technology has taken over, a good diary always makes a good gift. You can also get the front personalized.


#2 A card organizer

If your guy keeps misplacing his credit/ debit cards and important visiting cards, a handy and easy to carry card organizer  will be a good gift idea.

#3 A bottle of scotch

If your man has a taste for drinks, scotch will be something he/ she would really appreciate. Whiskey is s type of fermented beverage that has been distilled. Scotch is a classic brew that has a strong malty taste and is associated with a rich history and class.


#4 A good novel

For the book reader in him, give him a good novel to read or better still, give him a kindle tab wherein you can store multiple books to read, on the go.


#5 Music

Make a collection of his favorite kind of songs and gift him a soulful C.D of the music that appeals to his taste. Also, if you know his taste in music, he sure is going to praise your observation.


#6 Fitness merchandise

If your man is a fitness freak, a good quality fitness equipment like a treadmill or a cross trainer would make as a nice gift. He would be able to work at tge comfort of his home at a timing that is most convenient to him. Bssically, you are eliminating the hassles of a fixed gym timing for him.


#7 Personalized mug sets

A coffee mug or Whiskey glasses with your guy’s name or probably just his initials is a good gift as you have got it customized exclusively for him and gives his ego a boost. Plus, everytime he sips on his cuppa coffee, he would think of your thoughtfulness.


#8 Give his room a makeover

Guys rarely worry about how their room/ upholstery and furiture pieces look like. Go ahead, be his interior designer. Just be sure to stay away from anything that is too girly. Stick to balanced colours and geometrical motifs. Buy new cushions, mats, curtains and bedsheets for his den as a surprise and he would surely applaud your efforts. Try to play with colours such as Off White, Grey, Olive Green, Cola and Vine. Anything that is too bright is not a good idea for s guy’s room.


#9 Fragrance

Gift him a musky fragrance that has a moderate intensity and can mask body smell well. A good pick from renowed brand like Hugo, Armani etc shall be good as a gift as men like some money being spent on them. Fragrance not only makes a man more appealing but also pleases his olfactory senses. Steer clear of anything that is too sweet smelling or floral in quality.


#10 Gadgets

Every guy loves some kind of gadget or the other. You can give your guy a latest version of I phone or any of gadgets that your man likes or rather needs can be considered. For instance, if your guy has a passion for photography, you could consider giving him a DSLR or lenses or probably a tripod stand. For mydic lovers, good earphones or headphones or surround sound speakers can be an option.




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