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10 Very Amazing Facts About The Babies

Every few seconds a new baby is born. This keeps the process of human going and they are the true life miracle. Do check these 10 very amazing facts about the babies to have you pondering!!


While they are born, they don’t have kneecaps. It’s just the structure of cartilage that develops after 6 months.



Babies can scream and just holler, while the newborns actually can’t cry.


New born have 300 bones, while Adults have 206.


A newborn has eyesight just like an adult’s. However, the brain isn’t able to process info.


Did your baby just turn his head at spoon of food? It means they are full and is a sign of “no”.


Baby can recognize the voice and even of the smell of their mother from birth.


At around 6 months babies can do both together- breathe and bite. 


At the end of the 6 months baby’s weight gets doubled and tripled at the age of 1 year.


By two years, your baby has changed approx 7,300 times.


The eyes of babies never grow and remain the same size from birth.




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